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Nazareth Academy Grade School Curriculum

The curriculum embodies basic skills and their subsequent development in the content areas. Since curriculum addresses the education of the whole child, all opportunities for learning are considered viable tools for growing in the light of Gospel values. Taking into account the needs of the child, the school implements group instruction and cooperative learning. Through participation in student-centered activities and with the implementation of new technology, all teachers strive to enhance the learning process by applying Gardner’s “Theory of Multiple Intelligences.”

The core curriculum consists of:


Honors ELA   - Gr. 6 - 8

English Language Arts - Gr. 4 - 8

Honors Math - Gr. 4 - 8


Social Studies


Latin - Gr. 7 - 8


All students participate in the Specialized Areas of:




Physical Education 


Standardized Tests

The Terra Nova Test is administered to students in grades two through eight each Spring. The scores are used as a baseline for students’ potential and are also used to identify specific strengths and weaknesses in each class.





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