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Nazareth Academy Grade School's technology class is filled with the thinkers, creators, and programmers of the future. The technology curriculum begins in first grade with the basic computer skills including safely turning the computer on and off and logging into the school network with a user name and password. Students begin in the early grades to learn typing skills starting with the home row keys

And continue to build and master these skills throughout their entire technology education at NAGS. Students learn appropriate and safe use of the Internet as well as how to create word documents, spread-sheets, and power point presentations utilizing a variety of Microsoft Office products.

Nazareth Academy Grade School is committed to implementing the following "Goal' of the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia...

"To prepare its members for life in a digital global community."

To this end, Nazareth Academy Grade School will:

~ Integrate technology with curriculum to enhance teaching and learning

~ Encourage critical thinking, communication, collaboration and problem solving skills

~ Facilitate evaluation and synthesis of information

~ Encourage ethical practices and provide education for Internet safety and digital citizenship

~ Provide a variety of technology based tools and related technology skills

Technology Responsibility and Use

Nazareth Academy Grade School will make every effort to provide a safe environment for learning with technology including Internet filtering and safeguards. The students, faculty, administrators, staff, and school community are granted the privilege of using the computer hardware and software peripherals, and electronic communication tools including the Internet. With this privilege comes the responsibility for appropriate use.

In the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Nazareth Academy Grade School, we use information and technology in safe, legal, and responsible ways. We embrace the following conditions or facets of being a digital citizen:

 ~ Respect One’s Self
Users will select online names that are appropriate and will consider the information and images that are posted online.

 ~ Respect Others
Users will refrain from using technologies to bully, tease or harass other people.

~ Protect One’s Self and Others
Users will protect themselves and others by reporting abuse and not forwarding inappropriate materials or communications.

~ Respect Intellectual Property
Users will suitably cite any and all use of websites, books, media, etc.

 ~ Protect Intellectual Property
Users will request to use the software and media others produce and protect license agreements for all software and resources.

Educational Purpose/ Appropriate Use: 

School technology is to be used to enhance student learning.

Students must not access social networking sites or gaming sites, except for educational purposes under teacher supervision.

Copyright/Intellectual Property and Identity: 

All sources obtained for teacher and student work should be properly cited. Users are to respect the rights of and the intellectual property of others in accordance with Federal Copyright Law. Transferring copyrighted material to or from a school without expressed permission of the owner is a violation of Federal Law.


Electronic and/or Digital communications with students should be conducted for educationally appropriate purposes and employ only school sanctioned means of communication. The school sanctioned communications methods include:

Teacher school web page, email, and/or phone number

Teacher created, educationally focused networking sites

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