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The Nazareth Academy Grade School Parent Association (NAGSPA) Nazareth Academy Grade School Parent Association (NAGSPA) strives to support and advocate for our children by partnering with administration, staff and families to create a safe learning environment.

The Parent Association exists to advance the mission of Jesus in the tradition of the Sisters of  the Holy Family of Nazareth. The vision is a vibrant network of people united in heeding the call to educate young minds. This is done through our Core Values of faithful listening, loving relationships and recognizing God in the everyday.

The continued goal of  the association will be to organize many of the school functions which are enjoyed by the children and their families. Two major fund raising event are the lottery calendar and the social/auction. It is mandatory that parents give their full support to these two fundraisers.

Parents also work with the school community in implementing various service projects which root us in the mission of Jesus. Parents are needed to help students prepare brown bag lunches for St. Francis Inn, provide transportation, help with pizza, help at lunch/recess, and Christmas at NAGS.

Parents are a major source of gathering funds through “friend-raisers” which benefit the school. These fundraisers provide the needed resources to offer the best education spiritually, academically, creatively, emotionally and physically to and for  your children.

NAGSPA Constitution and By-Laws 

Meeting Schedule

Meeting time is at 7:00 PM on the following dates to be announced for 2022-2023.

Event Schedule to be announced.

Throughout the school year, the NAGS school spirit among our parents, faculty and students is evident in the enthusiastic support of all of our Parent Association efforts.  We are grateful for the help of our Class Ambassadors throughout the year.

1st Grade: 
Jackie Domski - [email protected]
Maria Theodorou - [email protected]

2nd Grade: 
Danielle Russo - [email protected]
Jessica Carafa - [email protected]

3rd Grade: 
Maggie Galzerano - [email protected]
Debbie McGrogan-Fetsher - [email protected]

4th Grade: 
Nicole Campbell - [email protected]
Joanne Batley - [email protected]

5th Grade: 
Robin Jordan - [email protected]
Gina Machado - [email protected]

6th Grade: 
Lisa Vendetta - [email protected]

7th Grade: 
Debbie Glod - [email protected]
Nicole Kuzowsky - [email protected]

for the Trunk or Treat!
Help us further the mission of our school by volunteering!  The Sergeant-at-Arms keeps a record of all volunteers at events. We look forward to your participation!  
Eligibility for End-of-Year School Tuition Voucher:
At the end of the school year, the Parents Association has a drawing for three Tuition Vouchers in the amount of $500.00 towards your child's tuition. In order to participate in the drawing you need to volunteer your time and talents. Listed below are the events you can sign up to assist. Sign up and we will ensure that the volunteer list is given to the Host, who will then contact you. You will be eligible for a tuition voucher for each of the following requirements you complete.  Eligibility requirements are: 
  • Serving on the NAGSPA Board
  • Chairing a NAGSPA Fundraising Event
  • Serving as a Classroom Ambassador
  • Attending five (5) NAGSPA meetings during the 2018-2019 school year
  • Earn two (2) entries for serving on an Auction Committee

The entire NAGSPA board wishes our parents, students, faculty and administration a wonderful and successful school year! For inquiries, the general NAGSPA Board email address is: [email protected]

2021 - 2022 NAGSPA BOARD

Donald Hamme, III
Lenny Kane
Vice President
Rachel Merryman

Gina Durso

Brian Ford

the Trunk or Treat!

General NAGSPA email address:  
[email protected]

Stay informed!  Get involved!


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