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We are so proud of our students efforts in their ELA classes in exploring their thoughts about their school and Catholic education. Many thanks to their ELA teachers, Mrs. Ayes and Mrs. Dunne.  
Nazareth Academy Grade School, founded in 1941 by the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, enjoys a long history of leading its students to value genuine Catholicity and academic excellence. Students know that God is present in all aspects of their lives in imitation of Mary and Joseph of Nazareth. Our patrons centered their lives on Jesus. In addition, students know that each person has talents that need to be discovered, nurtured and developed so that they may utilize abilities to serve others.
Learning Nazareth love from dedicated teachers, students are encouraged to present all their thoughts, dreams and plans to the Lord every day, to thirst for knowledge in all academic areas, to commit themselves to do their best, to fulfill their responsibilities daily, and to give service through activities.
Parents know that they are the primary educators of their children and they play an active role in the life of Nazareth Academy. Teachers strive to cooperate with parents as they continuously lead their children to the Lord while empowering them to strive for excellence.
Nazareth Academy welcomes all parents and students who wish to become a part of a family rooted in rich tradition and academic excellence dating back to 1941!
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