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Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of Nazareth Academy Grade School,
Nazareth Academy Grade School understands its Mission and that is “Family”.  According to our Mission Statement, our desire is to spread the kingdom of God’s love by creating a family friendly environment where we discover God in everyday life events.  This begins the moment a student leaves his bus or is dropped off at the back door.   The Mission follows the student when we pray together at morning prayer, at the beginning of every class, at recess and lunch and is brought home the minute they ride the bus or are picked up by their parent.  It permeates our entire day.
Our students learn with the best academics, play and learn friendship, kindness and social skills under God’s watchful eyes. Our faculty and staff strengthen, encourage and praise our students by being role models in prayer and education.  With Jesus, Mary and Joseph we reach out and cultivate this “family” atmosphere. 
Nazareth Academy Grade School aims to provide for your child’s needs in our world today.   You will find our students are happy within our family environment.  This is the reason why they learn, explore, create, and grow.  They naturally learn how important “prayer” is and they have hope.
Call, come and visit us and see for yourself what a great school we have.
In the Holy Family,

Sister Linda Joseph, CSFN

Sister Linda Joseph ChiChi,  CSFN
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Our Mission Is Family