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Dear Mom, Dad, and family and friends of Nazareth Academy Grade School,
What a year filled with challenges followed by a long and anxious summer!  I have to say that the staff, faculty, administration, students and friends have all stepped up to achieve what we needed to do.
Nazareth Academy Grade School went from regular school to what I called a “whole new world”.  Teachers had to learn how to do remote teaching instantly in March.  Administrators had to adjust to monitoring the teachers and the students and the work that needed to be accomplished.  Then it was the disappointment of missing First Reconciliation and First Communion. The question arose as to the best way to have a graduation that would not be as it was but better and just as meaningful.  Yet, we did and we did it well.
Our next hurdle was to make a viable reopening plan that worked with the CDC, the State, the City, the Diocese and us.  We were able after many meetings to re-open on time with only twenty-five students opting for remote learning .  All Upgrades were achieved and safety measures have been put into place such as sanitizers in every room, hallway, restrooms and the multipurpose room.  New Vibe boards have been purchased for each and every classroom which communicates with online students, and all technology needed for school.  Teachers utilized Professional Development opportunities to engage their students both at home and in the classroom.  Our desks have been spaced and guards are in place on every desk. Teachers have new laptops and white boards to communicate with students at home while teaching.  Major upgrades were necessary and we were able to achieve them all.  Thus we are well beyond all other schools in teaching our students and keeping our students and staff safe.
I am extremely confident that we will continue our success simply by adhering to our rules and guidelines.  The students are happy to be here, the teachers are happy to be here, and I am very happy to be here.  I have one request, please pray to our Martyred Sisters and our Blessed Mother to continue to bless us, protect us, and guide us in all that we do.
Sister Linda Joseph, CSFN

Sister Linda Joseph ChiChi,  CSFN
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