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 To this end, the greatest asset of a school is the heart of the teachers.
Dear Parents and Friends of Nazareth Academy Grade School,
I want to start with the fact that this has been a remarkable school year. Would you have ever thought that the outcome would be that school ended for the entire year in March?  I would not have. We had so many wonderful things to look forward to and they had to be canceled and/or postponed. It is sad but life goes on even if it is different.
This year has been busy. Thankfully we were able to complete our Middle States visit and were successful in accomplishing great results. The formal announcement of our Re-accreditation will be made in the fall. This was made possible through great leadership of Internal Coordinators Mrs. Unger and Mrs. Kane. Our teachers and staff also worked together in making the visit one of the best. We are very proud. 
A special thank you to our teachers who have quickly become more technologically savvy during our mandatory closure. They are doing everything remotely so that the children are receiving the best education possible. Emails fly, Zoom meetings are held, and Google classroom has been a blessing. I am in awe and amazed as to how well everyone stepped up to keep Nazareth Academy Grade School functioning as if everyone is here.
I am also grateful to our parents who are pulling double duty with many working and many having to help their child. It has been hard but know that your partnership is vital to us and to your children. 
To the future, we are looking at some kind of closing to end this year. Hopefully we can plan an event that brings us all together for one more time. Everything is in God's hands.
Lasty, I want to congratulate all of our children for their hard work this year. They really stepped up!  I wish all those leaving us a successful future in high school and look forward to seeing you all return in the fall.
God Bless,

Sister Linda Joseph, CSFN


Sister Linda Joseph ChiChi,  CSFN
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