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The Spanish curriculum is unique to Nazareth Academy Grade School. Vocabulary, songs, written and oral exercises, and cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking nations are introduced in the primary grades and reinforced thereafter. The program is designed to introduce students to a foreign language gradually, providing the tools necessary for the eighth grade students to begin a Level I Spanish reader.

Beginning in grade one the students are taught basic vocabulary words. The knowledge of vocabulary words continues to build in grade two where a single verb conjugation is taught. The students then create simple sentences to communicate. In grade three more vocabulary is taught, as well as more verbs with their full conjugation.

At the end of third grade, the students are able to use all vocabulary and grammar skills taught thus far and are able to write an autobiographical book.

Throughout the next five years, the students acquire new vocabulary, grammar rules, and cultural information in order to successfully build upon the foundation of the Spanish language and cultural comprehension. A Spanish reader used in eighth grade is a culmination of all the skills taught throughout all the grades and allows students to formulate higher ordered thinking skills through analysis and comprehension of the Spanish language.

Students have the option to take a placement test for high school, where they may be placed in Spanish II in freshman year.

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