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Saint Francis Awards


At Nazareth Academy Grade School we recognize students for their positive behavior by giving a monthly award. The award is named after the great Saint Francis.   When one looks deeper into his prayer it is obvious the characteristics it takes to be a decent person who eventually will change the world. We are honored to have students who sow love, pardon, practice their faith, and bring hope, light, and joy.  
S: Sincerity - October
T: Trustworthy - November 
F: Fairness - December
R: Responsibility - January
A: Ambitious - February
N: Neighborly - March
C: Compassion - April
I:  integrity - May
S: Self Control - June

Congratulations to the following students who have shown their SINCERITY:
1st gr - Jocelyn 
2nd gr - Margaret
3rd gr - Peyton
4th gr - Kenadi
5th gr - Ava
6th gr - Emily
7th gr - Mary
8th gr - Lukas
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