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Saint Francis Awards


At Nazareth Academy Grade School we recognize students for their positive behavior by giving a monthly award. The award is named after the great Saint Francis.   When one looks deeper into his prayer it is obvious the characteristics it takes to be a decent person who eventually will change the world. We are honored to have students who sow love, pardon, practice their faith, and bring hope, light, and joy.  
S: Sincerity - October
T: Trustworthy - November 
F: Fairness - December
R: Respectful - January
A: Ambitious - February
N: Neighborly - March
C: Compassion - April
I:  integrity - May
S: Self Control - June
For the month of September, we recognize those students for their SINCERITY: 
Gr. 1      Molly G.
Gr. 2      Katherine B.
Gr. 3      Zakia S.
Gr. 4      Luke M.
Gr. 5      Mary H.
Gr. 6      Dean K.
Gr. 7      Annabella D.
Gr. 8      Jake M.
For the month of October, we recognize those students for their TRUSTWORTHINESS: 
Gr. 1      Arianna M.
Gr. 2      Caleb L.
Gr, 3      Penny T.
Gr. 4      Jack K.
Gr. 5      Logan C.
Gr. 6      Ally T.
Gr. 7      Angelo S.
Gr. 8       Megan G.
 November's Saint Francis Awards reconized students for exhibiting FAIRNESS among their classmates. Congratulations to:
Gr. 1 - Maksim K.
Gr. 2 - Patrick F.
Gr. 3 - Connor B.
Gr. 4 - Molly M.  
Gr. 5 - Nicholas K.
Gr. 6 - Corrine R.
Gr. 7 - Catherine S.
Gr. 8 - Daniel S. 
Students were recognized for being RESPECTFUL in the month of December. The Saint Francis Awards were presented to:
Gr. 1 - Eva T.
Gr. 2 - Kenadi W.
Gr. 3 - Rocco K.
Gr. 4 - Lily D.
Gr. 5 - Cameron C.
Gr. 6 - Taylor B.
Gr. 7 - Daniel F.
Gr. 8 - Justin B. 
We congratulate the students who were AMBITIOUS during the month of January. We congratulate the students who were presented with the Saint Francis Awards on February 7, 2020. 
Gr. 1 - Michael P.
Gr. 2 - Ayden W.
Gr. 3 - Gary S.
Gr. 4 - Lela F.
Gr. 5 - Gabriel K.
Gr. 6 - Juliet M.
Gr. 7 - Ryleigh C.
Gr. 8 - Cate D. 
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