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Curriculum And Methods

Curriculum is the plan for learning which identifies the students' interaction with content, materials, resources, other learners and procedures for assessing the attainment of educational outcomes.
Nazareth Academy Grade School strives to provide a well-balanced curriculum aligned with the National, Pennsylvania State Standards and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Students are challenged to develop their full potential with an inquiring mind while giving special attention to the integration of Catholic values.
Grades One, Two, and Three

Emphasis is given to the spiritual values practiced. Good reading skills along with phonics are the foundation of learning. Teachers strive to build a solid base of mathematics and writing skills which are developed further in each grade. All students learn how to integrate technology into their learning which enhances all of the skills. Students in grade three receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. These grades are self-contained. 

Grades Four and Five

At the intermediate level, organization and study skills are stressed. Emphasis is placed on the enhancement of writing and speaking skills throughout the curriculum. Mathematics is constantly challenged with Algebra, Geometry and Measurement. Departmentalizations begins in Grade Four with those students selected for the Honors Math program.

Grade Six, Seven, and Eight

At the junior high level, we focus on teaching students to find deeper meaning in their beliefs and practice of their faith. Effective communication skills along with creativity encourage and challenges the students to utilize their talents in projects, presentations and displays. Science, Math and Social Studies emphasize note taking, critical and deductive thinking, organization, experimentation and further developing study skills. Classes are fully departmentalized.

Specialized Areas
Nazareth Academy offers a wide range of specialized programs allowing all students to learn in their preferred "learning style."
All students are exposed to Spanish, Art, Music, Technology and Physical Education. if the student is able, he/she will be invited to take part in our Honors Program in ELA and Honors Mathematics.  

Honors ELA promotes the development of fluent readers, articulate writers and speakers, discerning listeners and avid researchers. This subject is integrated with a strong focus in Grammar and Writing. 
Honors Math begins in Grade four to invited students. It is designed to challenge students to work at an accelerated pace. The program follows the seven strands set by the National Council of Mathematics.  
Students are invited into these programs based on class participation and behavior, Terra Nova Assessments, report cards, class test grades and teacher recommendation.
This program begins in Grade 1 with basic computer skills on touch Chrome Books. Students learn appropriate and safe use of the Internet as well as how to create Word documents. Power Point presentations, Excel charts, the use of the Green Screen, as well as the use of robotics and 3D printers. As the students advance, they learn how to use the "Google Classroom" with all of its tools. 

Spanish begins in Grade 1 and is designed to introduce each student to vocabulary, culture, and conversation while building skills and language mechanics. Translation and comprehension are further developed preparing each student to enter high school with advanced learning. 

Music presents its own language and its message is unique to each of us. In addition to class and voice instruction, the students learn to play hand bells, choir chimes, sing in choir (Grace notes), may join our band and orchestra, take private lessons on the piano and take part in our Spring Theater Musical.

Physical Education gives the child the freedom and the discipline to develop an appreciation of a sound body through exercise, balance, health, sports, and coordination.  Emphasis is placed on good sportsmanship.
Art inspires the free spirit in every child, it is discovered through the use of varied art media where the students are encouraged to create.  
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