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Leadership is very much encouraged within the school setting. In particular, members of Student Government are afforded the challenge and responsibility to lead, direct, coordinate, and make decisions.
The Student Government is comprised of four officers from the eighth grade with class representatives from grades six through eight in each trimester. Their efforts are aimed at working with the administration in serving local community, school and fellow students. We look forward to a successful year of Student Council sponsored events and service projects during the 2017 - 2018  school year!

Sponsored by the Student Council
At Nazareth Academy Grade School we are recognizing students for their positive behavior by giving a monthly award. The award is named after the great Saint Francis.
When one looks deeper into his prayer it is obvious the characteristics it takes to be a decent person who eventually will change the world. We are honored to have students who sow love, pardon, practice their faith, and bring hope, light, and joy.
2017 - 2018 Recipients 

8th Gr. - Delani 


SEPTEMBER:  Sincerity
Congratulations to our our students! 
1st Gr. - Sebastain
2nd Gr. - Liam
3rd Gr. - Matthew
4th Gr. -  Aiden
5th Gr. - Jordyn
6th Gr. - Daniel
7th Gr. - Gianna
8th Gr. - Autumn 
OCTOBER: Trustworthiness 
1st Gr. - Michael D.
2nd Gr. - Regina
3rd Gr. - Keiragh
4th Gr. - Christian
5th Gr. - Zoe
6th Gr. - Sean J.
7th Gr. - Justice
8th Gr. - Patrick  
NOVEMBER: Fairness

1st Gr. -  Penelope
     2nd Gr. - Madeline
3rd Gr. - Gabe
4th Gr. - Olivia
5th Gr.  Ryleigh
6th Gr. - Sarah R.
7th Gr. - Molly  
DECEMBER: Respect 
1st Gr. -  Ava
  2nd Gr. - Jack
3rd Gr. - Evelyn
4th Gr. - Corrine
5th Gr.  Cecliia
6th Gr. - Zoe
7th Gr. - Robert H.
8th Gr. - Marisa 
 JANUARY: Ambition

1st Gr. - Rocco
2nd Gr. - Emily
3rd Gr. - George
4th Gr. - Taylor
5th Gr. - Olivia F.
6th Gr. - Jake
7th Gr. - Gabbie
8th Gr. - Olivia M.
FEBRUARY: Neighborly 
1st Gr. - Emily
2nd Gr. - Molly
3rd Gr.  - Ethan
4th Gr. - Dean
5th Gr. - Catherine
6th Gr. - Allison
7th Gr. - Erin
8th Gr. - Kayla
2017 - 2018
Student Council Officers:
 Katie Harmon
Patrick Driscoll
Vice President

Sarah Burns

Alexandra Kirby
Moderator:  Mrs. Maura Fox

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