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Dear Nazareth Academy Grade School Community,

The word "Advent" means "coming". It is used to describe the time before Christmas. Advent signifies the coming of Jesus in Bethlehem, Jesus' future at the end of the world, and his present coming in the hearts of people. That is what is happening here at Nazareth Academy Grade School. We are preparing. 
This is also a time of being very busy. Busy shopping, busy decorating, busy making cookies, busy visiting, which leads us to busy stressing. Try not to do that and use this time to enjoy your families, enjoy decorating, and enjoy baking. Things don't always have to be perfect, but they do have to be fun! If you can engage your children, do it. Look at the memories you are making!
I know we will see one another informally during this Advent time, but in case we do not, know that I will bring each and every one of you to the Christmas Manger in prayer.
Take it slow, breathe and make time for you.
Happy Advent,
Sister Linda Joseph Chi Chi, CSFN

Veterans Day Prayer Service
Sister Linda Joseph ChiChi,  CSFN
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