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TUITION FOR 2018 - 2019

We believe your tuition payments are an investment in your child's education and religious formation. Therefore, the following tuition payment policy is in effect. 
$6,500.00 first/second child in family 
$6,000.00 third/fourth child in family

In addition, $145.00 security fee for each family. Other book bill and fees may apply.
ALL families are expected to make tuition payments according to one of the following payment plans. (Each family's preferred manner of payment must be submitted each year at the time of registration on or before MARCH 23, 2018.)  Options for payment shall include: 
  1. Full payment of tuition by JUNE 30, 2018. This payment should be made directly to the school.  N.B. - Failure to meet this deadline will result in a 2.5% penalty fee that will be added to your account each month you are late. 
  2. Two automatic payments: MAY 2018 and JANUARY 2019, through the *FACTS payment plan.
  3. Ten automatic monthly payments through the *FACTS payment plan starting in May of the current school year.
  4. Four quarterly payments through the *FACTS payment plan (May, September, November and February) 

*For options 2, 3, and 4, FACTS will charge a $45 Enrollment Fee. The payments will be deducted by FACTS from your checking/savings account or charged to your credit card account on the 5th or the 20th of the month (your selection). Should you need adjustment to these dates, please contact Sister Yvette at the time of your registration. 


SECURITY FEE PAYMENT OPTIONS ($145.00 per family) 

  1. Full payment together with tuition by JUNE 30, 2018.
  2. Two semester payments of $72.50 through FACTS.
  3. Quarterly payments of $36.25 through FACTS.
  4. Monthly payment of $14.50 through FACTS. 
  1. Families registering after JULY 1 shall be expected to fulfill their tuition obligation according to the tuition policy stated above.
  2. Tuition for students registering after school has been in session shall be pro-rated over the number of school days they will be in attendance. 


Families failing to pay tuition according to the agreement which they have made with the school or who have been unwilliing to make suitable alternative arrangements with the school will be informed that their child(ren) will not be re-admitted. Records will not be released until payment is made in full. 


All previously unpaid tuition must be paid by JULY 31 if a students is to be re-admitted on the first day of class for a new school year. Payments are to be made directly to the school. If payment is not possible, suitable arrangements must be made with the Principal and Sister Yvette.  


A  great deal of work goes into getting your child ready for school. Books are ordered, the child's history is incorporated, records are made ready and the teachers prepare to teach your child. In light of this, any child withdrawing after August 15th will only received 50% of tuition paid, If there is a withdrawal during the school year, please contact our office for our tuition refund policy. 




For information regarding the tuition policy
or tuition payments,
please contact:
Sister Yvette Ortiz, CSFN
Phone: 215-637-7777, ext. 205


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