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All families seeking Tuition Assistance must complete a F.A.C.T.S. Financial Assistance Application at:  https://factsmgt.com/parents/  

Please note: Corporate and individual donations are finalized in the Spring and early Summer prior to September enrollment. The administration has no control over these deadlines.  When funding is available, we will contact applicants.  If you qualify for funding AND funding is available, please be aware that monthly payments on your FACTS will begin before tuition assistance is applied. 
Nazareth Academy Grade School is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that is tuition-driven, meaning that the school operates mainly on tuition income. We strive to keep the tuition affordable and market appropriate.

The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (E.I.T.C.) and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit programs (O.S.T.C.) are funded through the generosity of businesses and individuals contributing under the guidelines provided by PA legislation.

We are grateful for the support of all scholarship organizations, especially Nazareth Family Foundation. 
No child receives full 100% tuition support. 

Nazareth qualifying families are strongly encouraged to apply for the following if they qualify:

Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia
We are grateful that CSFP has provided over $448,000.00 in scholarship support for students to attend Nazareth Academy Grade School since the 2000-2001 school year.
The application process is OPEN for the 2024-2025 school year!  Eligible students residing in Philadelphia are urged to apply for a CSFP to be selected in a scholarship lottery. (Deadline for Sept 2024 is March 1, 2024.)

For previous scholarship winners:  If your scholarship will expire after the four year's participation, you must re-apply in the lottery. NOTE: Any family that wishes to add a family to a scholarship should apply through the lottery. New scholarships for siblings are not automatic or guaranteed. 
Students must be resident of Philadelphia. CSFP Scholarships are partial four-year scholarships, up to a maximum grant of $3,100.00 per student, per year for children enrolled in kindergarten through eighth grade. Scholarships are need based and awarded by random computerized lottery.  www.csfphiladelphia.org Important note: A one paragraph essay is required.

CSFP Income Guidelines:
Household Size      Household Income
2                                  $ 56,847
3                                  $ 65,355
4                                  $ 73,864
5                                  $ 82,372
6                                  $ 90,881
7                                  $ 99,389
8                                  $107,898
Each additional child   $    8,509 

Only if funding is granted to Nazareth through the EITC program will we contact families that have applied through FACTS Tuition Management. To apply, go to:https://factsmgt.com/parent-resources/grant-and-aid/ 
BLOCS Income Guidelines:
Families with one dependent must have an annual income of less than $105,183 + $18,514 for a total of $123,697. For each additional dependent, you can make an additional $18,514. per child. 
Due to the uncertainty of direct support to Nazareth Academy Grade School from year to year, qualifying families are encouraged to apply to as many Scholarship Organizations as possible.

If your family qualifies for support, please be aware of the organization's deadlines. We will keep our parents informed of any further developments. If you require additional information, please contact Pat McGarvey at 215-637-7777, ext. 206.

Graduates of Nazareth Academy Grade School, upon acceptance to Nazareth Academy High School, will receive a $2,500.00 scholarship each year they are enrolled at the high school and remain in good standing.   The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth Legacy Scholarship is awarded after graduation from NAGS or if the student's mother graduated from Nazareth Academy High School. If both criteria apply, only one scholarship is granted. For additional information, go to: https://www.nazarethacademyhs.org/admissions/affording-nahs


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