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Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week

“Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.”

“Living in Harmony with God’s Creation”


Our 2020 Catholic Schools Week celebration will focus on the CHURCH, COMMUNITY, FACULTY, STUDENTS and NATION. Our thanks to the 2019-2020 Student Council and Moderator Mrs. Fox for planning an exciting and fun week that will celebrate the major impact our school makes in the lives of our students, in the lives of others and of those in the community.  #CSW1920

Download calendar of events here.


Sunday, January 26th

Theme: Parish

Activity:  “If you “MUSTACHE”: Nazareth Academy Grade School Rules!”  Celebrate Sunday Mass at your parish.  Take a selfie or a family picture with your NAGS inspired mustache photo prop (will be sent home on 1/23) and share it to our Facebook page. 


Monday, January 27th

Theme: Community

Activity: Opening Prayer Service. Student Council will present their “Guess the Faculty and Staff Graduate” production. School wide service project for St. Christopher’s Hospital.  All grades are asked to bring in sticker/coloring/activity books for St. Christopher’s.  Grades 5-8 will make blankets.  Grades 1-4 will make cards. 

Fundraiser: Students can come in any clothing that is RED, WHITE, or BLUE.  Please make sure all clothing is appropriate.  We chose to wear the colors of Australia’s flag because we will donate money to The Irwin Family Animal Hospital.  Dress Down: $2

Dress: Regular Uniform or “RED, WHITE, AND BLUE” with APPROPRIATE jeans/sweatpants and sneakers


Tuesday, January 28h

Theme: Faculty and Staff

Activity: Buddy Lunch for Grades 1, 8, 2, and 7. Tributes over the loudspeaker for staff.  The staff will be treated to a special lunch. Grade 8 VS Faculty Game.

Dress: NAGS Gear/Gym Uniform or Regular Uniform

**Look for information on our Website and Facebook about a Day of Giving** 


Wednesday, January 29th

Theme: Our Nation’s Innovators/Scientists

Activity: Dress up in a way that showcases your favorite scientist, innovator, piece of technology, meme, science teacher etc.  This can be done as individuals, pairs, or groups. Creativity is welcome and appreciated! Bingo will be played in the afternoon. Candy will be sold for .50 cents to 1 dollar. Bingo cards are 1 dollar each.

Dress: Dress up outfit or Regular Uniform

**Ms. Laverty is holding a STREAM Night-information was previously sent home in the white envelope**


Thursday, January 30th

Theme: Students

Activity: Talent Show (Information sent home by Sister Linda) and an ice cream treat.

Dress: Pajamas (students in the talent show will change at lunch) or Regular Uniform


Friday, January 31st

Theme: Family

Activity: SOUPER BOWL at arrival. Students will bring in a can of soup to “vote” for the team they think will win the Super Bowl.  Soup will be donated to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Community Food Program. 

Closing Prayer Service at 10:15 AM. SILLY STRING THE TEACHERS!  Family Spaghetti Dinner (see white envelope)

Dress: Any of our Nation’s SPORTS team shirts with APPROPRIATE jeans/sweatpants and sneakers

*12:00 PM Dismissal*

Join us for our 5th ANNUAL FAMILY SPAGHETTI DINNER at either 4:30 pm or 6:00 pm. Please send in your reservation.  Limited availability to pay at the door.

*Please note all Catholic Schools Week activities will begin at 1:00 PM unless noted specifically.*

**Catholic Schools week coincides with National School Choice Week, which celebrates the many opportunities our Nation has in education!**


Catholic Schools Week FUNdraisers:

Silly String a Teacher

=         Tickets sold for 1 dollar

=         Each willing teacher will have a jar

=         A student’s ticket will be picked from the jar-those students will get to silly string the teacher

Guessing Games!

=         Jars will be filled with treats

=         Students will buy chances for .25 cents

=         The student closest to the actual number will win the treats

Helping Others

Homeroom Collection Contests:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Collection

=         We are collecting PB and J to help our friends at St. Francis Inn

=         “ODD” Grades: Jelly “EVEN” Grades: Peanut butter 

=         The homeroom with the most at the end of the week will win a prize!

Activity books for Patients

=         We are collecting sticker/coloring/activity books for those children at St. Christopher’s Hospital 

=         The homeroom with the most at the end of the week will win a prize!

Religion Trivia

=         Each day the homerooms will play a Religion Trivia game

=         The classroom champions will be announced on Friday at the Closing Prayer Service



Catholic Schools Week Bingo Game            Wednesday, January 29th

=      Bingo Cards are $1 each

=      No more than 5 Bingo Cards can be purchased

=      Send the following form to school to Mrs. Fox’s attention by Tuesday, January 28th


Dear Mrs. Fox and Student Council,

I am including $______ to purchase Bingo Card(s) for my son/daughter,____________________ in grade_______.




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