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Dear Friend of CSFP, 

CSFP officially launched the 2023-2024 Scholarship Application, and we are so grateful to everyone who was able to join us on September 28th, 2022 at St. Francis de Sales School to kick off the start of another scholarship season.  

For those who couldn’t attend, CSFP is thrilled to share exciting updates to our program, how these updates will impact schools like yoursas well as a special announcement about the future of the organization.  

Program enhancements include: 

  • CSFP scholarships will no longer be restricted to four years. CSFP will automatically carry a child’s scholarship through 8th grade, as long as families continue to meet CSFP’s eligibility requirements! This means that any students who has already won the lottery, or will win this year, will not have to re-enter the lottery again. We hope that this update will increase school retention for students receiving scholarships, as well as help your families feel secure knowing that students will receive the scholarship through 8th grade. 
  • Please note: Students will still have to submit qualifying paperwork, and schools will still have to provide updated tuition and enrollment information to CSFP anually. 
  • Starting in the 2023-2024 application cycle, award amounts will be offered as one of three flat rates, meaning all students will receive either $1,200, $2,400, or $3,200. No student will receive less than $1,200. While all scholarships will still be partial and need-based (requiring families to contribute to tuition), this update will help streamline award amounts for families, and enable them to reasonably estimate any need for additional financial assistance. 
  • Starting next year, CSFP's income guidelines will have higher thresholds, meaning that families with more income will still qualify for CSFP scholarships. CSFP made this enhancement to ensure that we are serving more families, especially those within your school who may have been on the cusp of our previous financial requirements. This update will allow CSFP to be more inclusive, and represent more families who make closer to a living wage. 
  • CSFP will expand Camp Connections and CSFP Reads. We will build upon these programs and work to add additional offerings outside of the classroom to serve more students like yours. 

We are proud of these updates, and know that they will make a huge impact for the families that you serve, with no additional burden to you or your staff! 

All of these updates are part of CSFP’s vision for the future. During our kickoff event, Marc Bryant (CSFP Campaign Committee Chair and Chief Legal Officer at FS Investments), formally announced the beginning of CSFP’s ambitious campaign for the future - the Breaking Barriers Campaign

Below is key information about the campaign:  

  • The purpose of the campaign is to serve more students longer, thereby helping more Philly kids live prosperous and fulfilling lives through scholarship.  
  • The campaign will run from now through 2027, with the goals of: 
  1. Removing the existing 4-year limit on scholarships, so that all students receive support through completion of 8th grade and  
  2. Increasing scholarship amounts and adopt a minimum scholarship level so that most families receive more money while  
  3. Continuing to award 2,000 new scholarships each year and  
  4. Maintaining an all-time high scholar retention rate of 85% in order to 
  5. Increase the total number of students receiving scholarships to 7,700 by 2027 as we also  
  6. Enhance programs that support families and improve the scholars’ experience. 

Over the next 5 years, we plan to go from serving 5,400 students (as of this spring) to serving 7,700 students! 

Learn more about Breaking Barriers

We’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to Senator Anthony Williams (local representative from the 8th District), Sister Mary McNulty (Principal at St. Francis de Sales School), and Lisa Richburg (Parent from St. Francis de Sales School and parent of a CSFP scholarship recipient) for joining us to say a few words about school choice and the impact that these updates will have on our program. 

We are excited about the future of this work and grateful to have school partners like you join us on this endeavor.  

Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia

100 South Broad Street, Suite 1200

Philadelphia PA, 19110


Posted Wednesday, September 28, 2022